Newspaper Girl


A few artworks I made of some photos I found on the Internet.



Alice Goodwin

Audrey Nicole Newspaper by Alejandro Pinpon copy

Audrey Nicole

Connie Carter newspaper by Alejandro Pinpon

Connie Carter

Danielle Sharp newspaper by alejando Pinpon

Danielle Sharp

Denise Milani newspaper by Alejandro Pinpon

Denise Milani

Devin Justine Newspaper by Alejandro Pinpon

Devin Justine

Emma Golver Newspaper by Alejandro Pinpon

Emma Glover

Gemma Atkinson newspaper by Alejandro Pinpon

Gemma Atkinson

Holly Peers Newspaper By Alejandro Pinpon

Holly Peers

Imogen Thomas Newspaper by Alejandro Pinpon

Imogen Thomas

Lana DeAlessi newspaper by Alejandro Pinpon

Lana DeAlessiLucy Pinder newspapaer by Alejadnro Pinpon

Lucy Pinder

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